Our purpose built high voltage switching simulator allows for the added advantages of an improved and more felxible deleivery of the practical elements of high voltage switching training. This unit provides and ideal temporary facility that can be brought to site to ensure students genuinely demonstrate operating HV switchgear and perform switching to a switching program.

A further advantage is that the high voltage switching and the operation of the high voltage switchgear and testing equipment are performed with the equipment de-energised providing a controlled and safe training environment.

The simulator is equipped with the following high voltage apparatus;

  • Outdoor type Air Break Switch
  • Outdoor type earth switch
  • Indoor fixed type vacuum circuit breaker with integral earthing facility
  • High voltage circuit breaker 
  • off-load knife switch type isolator
  • Ring Main unit
  • Pole type expulsion dropout fuses 
  • Installed aerial conductors
  • Telescopic insulated link sticks
  • Single section insulated link sticks
  • Portable operator and working earths
  • Voltage detectors and associated test equipment
  • Earth mats
  • Operator arcflash suits and helmets
  • Operator high voltage insulated gloves


  • High Voltage



If you would like further information on the capabilites of our Mobile Simulator please call us on (+61) 7 4951 0041 or email us at training@plumptongroup.com