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Plumpton Engineering Services (ABN 3107896667) was founded in 1984 and Plumpton Training Services (ABN 97011029986) was added in 1994. These two businesses operate as separate entities, however the goal of industry excellence and continuous improvement is integral to both. Plumpton Training Services is currently providing training Queensland-wide, Australia-wide, as well as internationally.

Our head office is located in Mackay Queensland and accredited training courses are held regularly at our purpose-built facility in Mackay and onsite on request. To ensure you get the maximum benefit from the time you spend with us, we have implemented new and improved learning tools and methodologies.

Plumpton Training Services (RTO #31600) is a nationally accredited and registered training organisation which provides specialised electrical training across many industries including ports, construction, commercial, industrial, engineering and mining. Our main focus is High Voltage Switching and EEHA (both Installation & Maintenace and Overhaul & Repairtraining and we also offer test & tag, LVR/CPR and T0911 courses.

The company has a new purpose built safety training facility in Mackay, Queensland and, as a Mackay training provider, delivers regular scheduled courses at this location.

Additionally and on request, training is delivered at individual ports, construction, commercial, engineering, mining and industrial business client sites as required throughout Australia and overseas. Clients include large and small coal mining and metalliferous mining companies, port facilities, industrial plants, electricity generating stations, construction companies, contractors and individuals.




Training Onsite, Anywhere, Anytime

The HV Switching Simulator provides an ideal temporary on-site facility to ensure students can genuinely demonstrate they can “Operate local HV switchgear” and “Perform switching” as required by the electrical safety training assessment criteria of UEPOPS116 – Operate Local HV Switchgear and UEPOPS124 – Perform Switching to a Switching Program.

A further advantage is that the high voltage switching and the operation of the HV switchgear and testing equipment are performed with the equipment

de-energised providing a controlled and safe learning environment.



Modern Training Facility

Our Mackay based training facility is a modern, comfortable and multi-purpose venue with all of the equipment required to conduct our wide range of courses. Our training rooms are also available for hire, contact our team to find out more.

EEHA Practical Boards

Our purpose-built EEHA Practical Boards are designed to give real-world experience on Explosion-Protected Electrical Equipment installation, maintenance, testing and inspection.

These units are fully transportable and can be brought onsite to provide the necessary facilities to complete the practical elements of training without the need to access hazardous areas onsite.

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