Plumpton Training Services has a Licensing Agreement with Esitrain to deliver Ergon Energy and Energex Specific courses. These courses are required to work on or near Ergon and Energex Distribution Network or to become Authorised or Instructed Persons.

These courses are delivered by our suitable qualified, vetted and Esitrain Approved Trainer/Assessors.


Substation Safety Awareness (SSA)

This course provides the participants with the knowledge and skills required to work near Energex substation assets.


Electrical Awareness for Safe Work (OHAW)


Obtain knowledge on how to work safely near the Energex overhead network

Underground Awareness (UGAW)


Gain knowledge to work near the Energex underground network

Working Safely Near Live Electrical Lines and Apparatus

Develop the knowledge required to work near live electrical equipment


How to apply to become an Authorised Person (Electrical)

To become an Authorised Person (Electrical), the employer/self-employed person must first satisfy the Person in Control of the electric line (Ergon Energy Corporation Limited), that their applicants have the required competencies

Step 1 - Check technical knowledge and experience

You need to ensure that persons to be approved as an Approved Person has an appropriate level of technical knowledge the and the relevant experience to do the nominated work. 

This includes the operation of plant or vehicle near to the electric lines, and demonstrated competencies in the following areas:

The following recognised training courses are available through approved Registered Training Organisations to assist Applicants to meet the above requirements.

Step 2 - Submit application form

The employer/self-employed person must submit the request via the online Authorised Person Application Form.

Before the nominated Applicants can perform the role of Authorised Person, we must provide approval in writing to the employer or self-employed person which is valid for 5 years.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to manage the renewal of this authorisation.

Authorised Person approval is only valid for a person while they remain with the employer for which the Authorised Person application was approved.

Note: The Electrical Safety Regulation 2013 does not place any requirement on the Person in Control (Ergon Network for assets under our control) to be satisfied with the technical knowledge and experience of the person being approved. The responsibility for this and for compliance with statutory requirements is with an employer/self-employed person. (Refer to the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013 and Electrical Safety Code of Practice 2010 Working Near Overhead and Underground Electric Lines for further detail).

Instructed Person

An Instructed Person is a person who is acting under the supervision of an Authorised Person for the electric line.

Untrained Person

An Untrained Person is a person who is not an Authorised Person or an Instructed Person for the electric line.

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For more detailed information please read our Electricity Entity Requirements – Working Near overhead and underground electric lines (PDF 725.9 kb) (PDF 725.9 kb) or email