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Conduct Manual Tasks Safely

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Course Outline:

This course will enable learners to demonstrate essential knowledge and skills required to effectively and safely carry out manual handling tasks



HLTWHS005 Conduct Manual Tasks Safely


Manual Handling Course Content:
  • Risk Management process for manual tasks

  • Risk factors and potential sources of risk of hazardous manaul tasks such as, repetition, forces on the body, postures, vibration, systems of work

  • Types of manual handling activities and the types of injuries that can result

  • Function of the human body including: nasic function of the spine, body postures, types of mucles, priniples of levers

  • Manual techniques that support work practices such as: preparing the load, preparing the environment, propers lifting technieq, maintaing neutral spine when lifitng and carrying, centre of gravity, body postures

  • Mechanical Aids, tools and equipment


Mode of Delivery:

This course consists of blended learning with initial theory and required knowledge delivered online at the learner's pace followed by a 1-day face to face workshop/classroom learning to complete practical elements and final assessment.

Who Should Attend?

Any personnel who is required to carry out manual handling tasks


Refresher Training:

Industry recommendation and best practice recommend high voltage switching refresher training be completed at intervals not exceeding 2 - 3 years.

Is this course Nationally Accredited?


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