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Learn how to safely and effectively test a potentially hazardous atmosphere

Course Outline:

This gas test atmospheres training unit of competency covers the skills and knowledge required to test the working atmosphere, using electronic test apparatus, to find out if it is safe for the proposed work. Working environment may be hazardous, unpredictable, subject to time pressure, chaotic and expose responders to risk, on land or water, by day or night. Workplace atmospheres may include visible and invisible hazards and hazardous surfaces.



MSMWHS217 - Gas Test Atmospheres


Course Content:

  • Identifying scope and OHS requirements

  • Legislative requirements

  • Industry codes of practice and guidelines

  • Australian Standards (i.e. AS2865 & AS1674)

  • Standard Operating Procedures / Safe Work Method Statements

  • Hazard and Risk identification and Management

  • Properties of common gases

  • Types of gas detectors

  • Selection, calibration and use of gas detectors

  • Interpreting and reporting reading

  • Atmospheric contaminants

  • Communication 

  • PPE


Who Should Attend?

Gas test atmospheres training unit is suitable for use in the following situations:

  • confined spaces

  • enclosed and partially enclosed spaces

  • hot work

  • storage tanks, silos, pits, pipes, shafts, ducts, transport vehicles and ships

  • testing as part of issuing a work permit

  • monitoring as part of working under a work permit

  • open areas

  • holding the gas tester by hand

  • lowering the gas tester into a space, e.g. on a line into a hazardous area

Method of Delivery

This course is conducted over 1 day

Refresher Training
Industry Recommendation for refresher training is intervals not exceeding three years

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