HIGH VOLTAGE SWITCHING STAGE 1 - Switching Operator, Switching Assistant, Recipient


Course Outline:

This Nationally Accredited HV Switching Course Stage 1 covers the practical skills and knowledge required for operating primary high voltage switchgear and performing switching to a switching program. This program is aimed specifically at those personnel who are involved in the switching of high voltage apparatus under the direction of a switching sheet and/or switching coordinator for the purpose of access.


This course requires the participants to work in pairs to follow a high voltage switching program and practically complete operations of HV switchgear.



UEPOPS349 - Operate Local HV Switchgear

UEPOPS456 - Perform switching to a switching program

UEPOPS430 - Control permit to work operations


High Voltage Switching Training Course Content:
  • Statutory compliance and Legislation

  • Basic high voltage switching principles and fundamentals

  • Site-specific high voltage switching procedures

  • Preparing to operate high voltage switchgear

  • Operation of outdoor and indoor high voltage switchgear

  • Operation of high voltage test equipment

  • Application of installed and portable earthing devices

  • Performing switching in accordance with a switching program

  • Introduction in the preparation and writing of basic high voltage Switching Sheets and high voltage Access Permits

High Voltage Switchgear and Safety Equipment Used:

  • Withdrawable high voltage circuit breakers

  • Fixed high voltage circuit breakers

  • Air break switch

  • Ring Main Unit

  • Expulsion drop out fuses

  • Portable Earthing Devices

  • Modiewark proximity voltage detector

  • insulated telescopic link sticks

  • high voltage insulated gloves

  • Arc Flash Suites


Mode of Delivery:

This courses consists of blended learning with initial theory and required knowledge delivered online at the learners pace followed by 1 day face to face workshop/classroom learning to complete practical elements and final assessment.

Online Training: Approx 6 Hours - this must be completed prior to face to face training

Face to Face: 1 Day

Who Should Attend?

Any personnel who is required to carry out high voltage switching of high voltage electrical apparatus. Those who complete this course will gain the required skills and knowledge to successfully and safely fill the role of Switching Operators, Switching Assistants and Access Permit Recipients.

Refresher Training:

Industry recommendation and best practice recommends high voltage switching refresher training be completed at intervals not exceeding 3 years.

Is this course Nationally Accredited?


Is this course offered for Onsite Training?

Yes - our High Voltage Switching Simulator can be brought to site to complete practical training without the need to access onsite facilities. 

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