Learn how to coordinate high voltage switching procedures

Course Outline:

This course provides the practical skills and knowledge required to control and coordinate isolation and access of local high voltage networks where multiple sources of supply can exist.


High Voltage Switching Course Includes:

  • UEPOPS349- Operate Local H.V. switchgear

  • UEPOPS456- Perform switching to a switching program

  • UEPOPS430- Control permit to work operations

  • UEPOPS428 Develop High Voltage Switching Programs

  • UEPOPS424 Coordinate Local HV Networks


HV Switching Course Content:

  • Statutory compliance (Acts, Regs, Codes of Practice)

  • High switching principles

  • Perform switching to a switching program

  • Operate High Voltage Switching Devices

  • PPE

  • Safety and operating equipment

  • Developing switching programs where multiple sources of HV supply may be present

  • Developing switching programs where access to perform work simultaneously at various locations on the network is required to be managed.

  • Coordinating resources and activities when managing complex high voltage switching programs on a local high voltage network.


Mode of Delivery

This course utilizes a blended method of delivery with the initial theory being completed online at the learner's pace followed by face-to-face classroom and workshop assessment to cover practical and final assessments.


Who Should Attend?

Electrical Tradesperson, Coordinators, and Engineers whose role requires them to control, coordinate and authorize access to apparatus forming part of HV network.


Refresher Training

Industry recommendation and best practice recommend high voltage switching refresher training be completed no later than 2 - 3 year intervals.

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