Arcflash Awareness (Includes Causes, Effects and Controls)

This awareness program is designed to give personnel working in and around electrical operating areas basic knowledge on dealing with equipment that pose and Arc Flash Hazard

Non-Accredited Training

Course Content:

  • Arcflash hazards
  • Common causes of arcflash incidents
  • Methods for determining levels of arcflash energy
  • Arcflash categories including arcflash boundary distances
  • Type-tested fault-rated switchgear enclosures
  • Non type-tested switchgear enclosures
  • Methods used to control/minimise the risk of an arcflash occurrence
  • Arcflash warning labelling and interpretation
  • Arcflash rated PPE

Course Outline:

Covers ways of minimising risk associated with arcflashes. The course includes video demonstrations of the dangers of arcflashes in both a simulated and actual electrical installation environment.

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