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Learn how to safely prepare, use and maintain breathing apparatus.

Operate Breathing Apparatus Course Outline:

This Operate Breathing Apparatus covers the selection, donning, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment. This unit applies to personnel who work in areas that require the use or potential use of breathing apparatus.


PUAFIR207 - Operate breathing apparatus open circuit

Pre-requisite Unit PUAFIR210 - Prevent Injury (covered in this course)


Course Content:

  • Legislative framework

  • OHS responsibilities

  • Hazard identification and management and risk assessment

  • Breathing apparatus characteristics

  • Breathing apparatus inspection, donning, operation, removal, cleaning and maintaining

  • Use of Control Boards

  • Communications, including hand signals, portable radios, signal lines and DSU's

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Site-specific procedures

  • Irresspirable atmospheres

  • Distress Signal Unit (DSU's)


Mode of Delivery

This course is delivered face to face and is 1 day in duration. The course consists of classroom theory and simulated workplace practical assessments.


Who Should Attend?

Any individual who is required or may be required to use breathing apparatus as part of their work tasks


Refresher Training

Industry recommendation and best practice refresher training be completed no later than 2 - 3 year intervals.

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