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When you join a course at Plumpton Group, you can start using your new skills right away. We believe in only teaching necessary content, which means everything you learn will be practical and easy to apply. We’re very flexible with course times and schedules, so if you can’t find something that works for you, simply get in touch.

Our home base is Mackay, Queensland but have the ability to conduct training onsite anywhere, anytime. 


High Voltage Switching Stage 1

This course is for high voltage Switching Operators, Switching Assistants and Permit Recipients.


High Voltage Switching Stage 1 & 2

This course is for those personnel whos's role is to coordinate high voltage switching operations.


EEHA - Installation & Maintenance

This course is for electrical personnel installing or maintaining explosion-protected electrical equipment.

O-H workshop.jpg

EEHA - Overhaul & Repair

This course is for personnel who are overhauling and repairing explosion-protected electrical equipment.


EEM - Electrical Engineering Manager

This course is for personnel who are fulfilling the role of electrical engineering manager of a mine. 


Work safely near live electrical apparatus

This course is for non-electrical personnel who are working near live electrical apparatus.


Rescue from a live LV panel & CPR

This course is for those persons who are filling the role of safety observer for electrical work.


Test and Tag

This course is for those persons who are testing and tagging cord-connected electrical equipment.

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