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Learn how to effectively and safely support electrical trades-person

Course Outline:

This training program is designed to give the participants the practical skills and knowledge required to work in conjunction with and support an electrical tradesperson in the Resources sector. This program gives basic knowledge of electrical fundamentals, electrical safety, and an introduction to basic electrical componentry.

Competencies achieved include:

Course Content:
  • Access, interpret and apply documentation to support an electrical tradesperson and ensure the work activity is compliant ​

  • Obtain, read, interpret, clarify and confirm work requirements coordinating work activities

  • Basic electrical knowledge

  • General electrical safety

  • Arc flash awareness

  • Identifying basic electrical components and their function

  • personal protective equipment

  • Identify and select required parts and stores

  • Applying emergency procedures

  • Isolation

  • Performing rescue from a live low voltage panel

  • Providing CPR and use of an AED


Mode of Delivery

This course utilises blended delivery with the online component of provide support to an electrical trades-person, low voltage rescue and CPR covers all aspects of performing a rescue from a live panel and performing Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. The “face to face” component of the Mackay course includes instruction in the duties of a safety observer (electrical), instruction in the rescue of a person (lightweight dummy) from a simulated “live” switchboard, and CPR using a mannequin and a defibrillator.


Who Should Attend?

Any individual who is working with an electrical tradesperson provided support and filling the role of a safety observer for electrical work should attend this course.


Refresher Training

Any person who is providing support to an electrical tradesperson needs to refresh these skills every 12 months.

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