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T0911 - Introduction to Electrical Network Infrastructure for Authorised Person

This course provides the participants with the knowledge and skills required to work near the Ergon or Energex overhead electricity network.

For Contractor Workers who want to apply to the Electricity Entity (Ergon Energy or Energex) for approval as an 'Authorised Person', as defined in Section 3.4 of the Code of Practice for Working Near Overhead and Underground Electric Lines.

Note: For information about becoming an Authorised Person please visit the Ergon Network Authorised Persons webpage or Energex Authorised Persons


Training Mode:

Face to Face


1 Day

Skills Acquired:
  • Apply appropriate electrical safety and technical knowledge relating to the type of work, operating plant or vehicles near overhead and underground electric lines

  • Interpret the application and intent of the Electrical Safety Code of Practice 2010 for Working Near Overhead and Underground Electric Lines

  • Explain basic electrical concepts and the effect of electricity on the human body

  • Identify hazards that may be present and the risk management procedures required to manage the risks associated with work carried out near overhead and underground power lines

  • Identify electricity supply infrastructure assets and voltages

  • Identify the exclusion zones applicable to people, vehicles and operating plant for various power line voltages, conductor and cable types, environmental conditions and authorisation of persons

  • State the emergency planning, response and reporting procedures required in the event of an electrical incident or accident

Note: Only Electrical Mechanics can be an Authorised Person (Electrical). All other Electrical Licences are not eligible to be an  Authorised Person (Electrical).

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