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Learn how to effectively fill the role of a Safety Observer

Course Outline:

This spotter/safety observer course unit describes a participant’s practical skills and essential knowledge required to work safely as a safety observer/spotter in the Resource and Civil construction industry.


Competencies achieved include:

RIIRTM203D - Work as a Safety Observer/Spotter


Course Content:

  • Legislation,

  • documentation,

  • enterprise policies and procedures

  • Access, interpret and apply traffic management plans

  • Obtain, read, interpret, clarify and confirm work requirements

  • Coordinating work activities

  • Hazard Identification, risk management and control

  • Underground and Overhead services

  • Traffic management/plans

  • Communication and communication techniques

  • Environmental protection procedures


Mode of Delivery

This courses is conducted face to face over 1 day

Who Should Attend?

Any individual who is fulfilling the role of a safety observer or spotter for work where they may be nearby overhead or underground services, or other work being undertaken by other work groups.

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