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Learn the skills and knowledge to safely work at heights

Height Safety Course Outline:

This Nationally Accredited Work Safely at Heights training course specifically aims to give participants the necessary practical skills and knowledge to work safely at heights. Working at Heights Course participants who successfully complete this height safety training program in will gain an understanding of the relevant legislative requirements, Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and the operation, use and maintenance of safety equipment used for working at heights


Working Safely at Heights Course Includes:

RIIWHS204E - Work Safely at Heights

Height Safety Training Course Content: ​

  • OHS requirements for tasks at heights

  • Australian Standards and Codes of Practice

  • Identifying scope of work Risk identification and management

  • Heights Safety Equipment

  • Fall prevention techniques and methods

  • Fall protection techniques and methods

  • Identify and select appropriate tools and equipment

  • Inspect, install and use height safety equipment

  • Safely perform work at heights

  • Emergency and rescue procedures and techniques

  • Safely dismantling, cleaning, inspecting and sorting height safety equipment.


Mode of Delivery

This course is delivered face to face over 1 day including classroom theory work and simulated work environment practical elements


Who Should Attend?

Any personnel required to conduct tasks at heights above ground level such as scaffholders, tradespersons, riggers, operators of elevated work platforms among other that are exposed to the potential to fall.


Refresher Training

Industry recommendation and best practice recommends working at heights refresher training be completed no later than 2 - 3 year intervals

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